Riding through Mongolia- Stories
The story of Tom Tarag

There is one Mongolian word we memorized fastest: Tarag. This is the word for the best food we ever got in Mongolia, yak-milk yoghurt. Whenever we came down from the mountains into a valley with small white dots signalling people and gers we thought of yoghurt. Even words meaning something totally different sounded like yoghurt to us.
Tsagan Nuur is the last village before the Mongolian Taiga and theoretically you should get a permit there. We were told to ride into the taiga and start looking for Tom Tarag, at least that's how it sounded to us. Tom means big. So we were supposed to look for the big yoghurt in an area of the size of half of Austria.
Later on we found out that the words for big official sound just like the words for big yoghurt.
In the end we found Tom Tarag and got the permission we needed to cross one of the most beautiful areas in Mongolia.

List of equipment

2 waterproof bags
tent, sleeping bag, mattress
the clothes we were wearing
Mongolian coat called deel (very useful)
mountain boots
1 book
Mongolian-English dictionary ( just about the most valuable item)
a white bag with the food, mainly rice, sugar, sweets)
presents (tobacco, sugar, sweets)
a white bag for the horse stuff: 2 stakes and long ropes to stake the horses in the night, bits and pieces of leather and ropes
lots of saddle blankets
a pot
a stove we hardly ever used
water bags
gloves, hat, cap

Story 3


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